Did you know… (part 1 of 3)

Did you know that in the music video for the song Trans Europe Express from 1977 Kraftwerk used excerpts from the film about the German super-train Schienenzeppelin 1930? The rest of the video, stylized in the work of Fritz Lang, was shot at moving from Düsseldorf to neighboring Duisburg train, far from the TEE route.

Did you know that heart beats in a song Elektrokardiogramm is an authentic record of Ralf Huetter`s heart?

Did you know that the song Tour de France is featured with the sound of Ralf Hütter`s breathe? To get tired, the singer ran up the stairs in the building of Kling Klang studio.

Did you know that main theme from Tour de France comes from sonata for flute and piano by German composer Paul Hindemith?

Did you know that the album Die Mensch Maschine was originally to carry the name of the Dynamo? The team gave up with it because the name was associated with the German football club.

Did you know that the cover of Die Mensch Maschine LP was designed by a close associate of the band, artist Emil Schult, using graphics of Karl Klefisch, inspired by the works of prominent Russian artwork, El Lissitzky? On the obverse cover the band placed photo by Günther Fröhling. Characteristic arrangement of the words „machine”, where letters form a vertically the same word, is the inspiration drawn from the cover of the Soviet magazine „Journalist”, which has been recognized by the authorities of the USSR as a hostile for the regime and closed.

Did you know that in a three-dimensional visualization to the song Autobahn the cars are almost identical to the vehicles belonging to Ralf Hütter once and Florian Schneider? Hütter`s grey VW Beetle has plate D KR 70 while Schneider`s black Mercedes D KR 74. Letter D represents Düsseldorf, KR Kraftwerk, 70 is the year 1970 (date of establishment of the band), and 74 is 1974, when the LP Autobahn was released.



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